Fence requirements & guidelines

Chainlink is not permitted

The following fence materials are permitted: Black aluminum, wood fences (painted white or stained), White Vinyl

Fences must be approved by the HOA board prior to construction begins and the project should not deviate from approved plans

Fences should be 4 feet. Fences taller than this height must receive special approval from the board.

JULIE must be called to mark all underground utilities PRIOR to digging or beginning construction.

Fence must not enclose or include the utility easement (6 to 8 feet on grass nearest alley) or any utility boxes

Fence is 6 inches from property line between houses *or* connects to a neighboring fence.

Fences must be approved by the City of Urbana and approval must be forwarded to board@savannahgreenurbana.org

If on a corner lot, the side parallel with the alley must be city requirements for visibility including being 2 feet from the alley and at least 50% opaque (visibility through).

A drawing or map detailing where the fence will be placed in the yard must be submitted

City approval is required. Proof of approval should be forwarded to the board once received.

All fences should be submitted for approval to the HOA board. Further instructions and information can be found on this form. For additional information please email board@savannahgreenurbana.org.